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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
By Ellenburg Photography
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Kindergarten Graduation is the Cutest thing you will see all Spring.

Right about now Five and Six year olds practically every where are planning for the biggest day of Kindergarten EVER: Graduation. They are practicing speaking roles and learning special songs. They are doing it all for YOU. Those tiny faces just can't wait to make you so proud on Kindergarten Graduation day. 

Do you know what's great about Kindergarten? EVERYTHING. Kindergarten is FUN. Kids wake up and want to go there. Everything about it is magical and this next big step should be celebrated.

Do I need Kindergarten Cap and Gown Portraits?

Kindergarden Cap and Gown portraits are portraits of celebration for your budding South Alabama Student. They are more than just a snapshot of the end of Kindergarten with the boys and girls he spent this year with. Kindergarten Cap and Gown portraits are a documentation of your child's next big step - REAL BIG BOY AND BIG GIRL SCHOOL. Kindergarten, while super fun, is a starter course to grades 1-12. These babies are learning how to follow directions, to have a schedule of events and to sit still. The sitting still part has always been the hardest part for my littles. They are reading and writing in Kindergarten - it's not just shapes and colors. Kindergarten is a big deal and celebrating this milestone with Kindergarten Cap and Gown portraits is a MUST do and here's why.

1. Kindergarten Cap and Gown portraits are often just like the the Big Senior's Cap and Gowns - RENTED. Unlike those trusted High School Seniors, who pick up their Cap and Gowns weeks before the big day, your tiny Grad will never enjoy that luxury. That means the only portraits you will get are the ones you snap at the actual graduation with your cell phone. Everyone is going to take those. And your kid will be distracted at all the dazzle of the BIG DAY that it will be hard for them to focus on all the posed portraits. We stock tiny cap and gowns to make these portraits magical. Our tiny cap and gowns all sport this year's 2018 charm. That is important.

2. Kindergarten Cap and Gowns are usually white and Kindergarteners are usually dirty and clumsy. One fall or tumble and you've got splotchy portraits in your forever iPhone memories. Our portrait studio is a controlled environment. There will be very little opportunity for any disasters that will distract from you having fun and gorgeous forever portraits of your tiny Kindergarten Graduate.

3. Ellenburg Photography will provide a fun portrait experience to document the end of an era. Your baby is graduating with all the skills and knowledge to start the next 12 years with an enthusiasm for learning. That is worth celebrating. Daphne Ellenburg will photograph your South Alabama Kindergarten Graduate like she does the big High School Seniors. We will use fun number props and exciting poses. These portraits will be so fun this year, but in 12 short years, these portraits will be priceless. Several of my High School Seniors bring in this framed Kindergarten Graduation portrait with them at their Senior Session. It is the most fun to see how they have grown from here to there. 

Kindergarten Cap and Gown portraits can be added to any spring portrait session this season at Ellenburg Photography. You can add it to individual and family portraits. You can add it to bunny portrait sessions. Or you can come in for just a quick mini portrait session of just your tiny 2018 graduate. It is completely up to you!

Enjoy a peek at Jefferson's Cap and Gown session. This little guy will be graduating this May. He couldn't be more excited. Can you tell?

Do you have a five or six year old finishing up their first big year of Kindergarten this year in South Alabama? Reach out to the professionals at Ellenburg Photography to capture the excitement of Kindergarten Graduation portraits. Wanting to learn and grow and magical. Celebrate that magic in portraits you will treasure forever with Ellenburg Photography.

Got Questions? Big or small we love them all. Ask away.


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