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Friday, March 17, 2017
By Ellenburg Photography
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If your baby has ever dreamed of using a duck as a phone, I am your photographer. I have a nearly endless supply of ducks - you just bring the baby and I've got the rest.

Meet Baby Chloe. Chloe has been in front of my camera every 3 months during her first BIG year. We have a lot of fun with this short stack. This month, we did the very popular 9 month duck bath, wore a crown of flowers, played in a tent made entirely of lace and decided without a doubt that bunnies are just not her thing. And hats for that matter. But she will come around - because with teeth come wisdom. When those new teeth arrive, I know that she will see the error of her ways about both the hat and the bunny.

Saraland Alabama Baby Photographer | Ellenburg Photography | Baby in bath with bubbles

The baby's first year goes by so fast. At Ellenburg Photography, we slow time down and schedule it to be recorded forever. Life is busy. We make life easy for busy Mom's and Dad's.

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